Title 1 Information

Polk Avenue is a Title One School? What is that exactly and what does that mean to me?

  • Title I can help children be more successful in school
  • Parents have a voice in their child’s education
  • Teachers realize the contributions of parents to their child’s education.

How does Title I work?

  • Federal government provides funds to States each year for Title I  after the state sends in a plan describing:
    • What children know and should be able to do
    • High-quality standards that children are expected to meet.
    • Ways their progress will measured

Then the State education agencies send the money to school

Districts based on the numbers of families that receives free and reduced lunch. And then the Local School District or Lea identifies eligible schools and distributes the funds.

Parents, Teachers, Administrators, and Staff will:

  •  Identify students who need help the most
  •  Set goals for improvement
  •  Measure student progress, using state standards
  •  Develop programs that supplement classroom instruction
  •  Involve parents in every part of the program

We need you help to…..

  • Determine goals for the program
  • Plan and carry out program
  • Evaluate programs
  • Work with your child at home and possibly as a volunteer in the classroom

Be on the look for:

  • Annual Title One Parent Meeting (Open House)
  • The Parent- School Compact
  • School Parent Involvement Plan
  • District Parent Involvement Plan

Helpful Documents


School Improvement Plan 2020-2021 (English)
Parent Involvement Plan Summary 2020-21
LEA District Parent Involvement Play 2020-2021 (English/Spanish)
Polk Avenue Elementary Remote Learning Compact 2020
Right to Know letter 2020-2021 (English)


School Improvement Plan 2019-2020 (English)

LEA District Parent Involvement Plan 2019-2020 (English & Spanish)

School Parent Compact 2019-20 (English & Spanish)

Right to Know letter 2019-2020 (English)


School Improvement Plan 2018-2019 (English)

LEA District Parent Involvement Plan 2018-2019 (English)

School Parent Compact 2018-2019 (English & Spanish)

Right to Know Letter 2018-2019 (English & Spanish)

Parent Involvement Plan Summary 2018-2019 (English & Spanish)

Parent Involvement Plan 2018-2019 (English)


School Improvement Plan 2017-18 (English)

LEA District Parent Involvement Plan 2017-18 (English & Spanish)

Parent School Compact 2017-18 (English and Spanish)

Right to Know 2017-18 (English)

Right to Know 2017-18-(Spanish)

Parent Resource https://justforparentsblog.wordpress.com


School Improvement Plan 16-17 (English)

LEA District Parent Involvement Plan 16-17 (English & Spanish)

PAE Parent Improvement Plan 16-17 (English)

PAE Parent Improvement Plan Summary 16-17 (English and Spanish)

PAE School-Parent Compact 16-17 (English and Spanish)

Right to Know letter 2016-2017 (English)

Right to Know letter 2016-2017 (Spanish)

Parent Resources

100tips for ParentsRight to Know letter 2016-2017 Spanish